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Together, we’ll explore and disprove the internal stories holding you back. Once the narratives are established and set aside, you’ll experience a simic shift in how you approach life, experiencing a world view that is hopeful, exciting, and filled with possibilities. Moreover, this change isn’t limited to your personal life; our work will also positively affect your professional life.

In individual coaching, we work together in a relaxed, safe and confidential way, so uncovering misunderstandings about how you see the world and yourself is easy. Integrating new perspectives and approaches is practicaland doable. Our work is not about discomfort and driving yourself beyond your limits; it’s about seeing how life works on our behalf and then designing what you desire.

Verna Haywood: Unstoppable Resilience Course

Change can be challenging it means moving from the know to the unknow. Moving from darkness to light can be uncomfortable. I seek to help you take healthy steps to awaken the light with you and move to a brighter tomorrow.

Building a coaching relationship

Coaching is a conversational exchange where we’re in it together, accessing your wisdom and insights to understand better what makes sense for you. First, we’ll get a lay of the land – talking about you, your desires and goals, and your concerns and challenges We’ll build a solid collaborative partnership, unlike no other relationship you’ve experienced.

If you live in the Dorset area, we can meet in-person. I also work with clients worldwide, and we have excellent success meeting by phone or video conference clients also can access me in between sessions via email and additional 1:1 coaching when needed.

I use the 3Rs Reflect, Revitalise, and Renew to guide you through to building unstoppable resilience and the life you were designed to live before birth. It is your Birth Right.



This is the time where you need to draw on your past and present experiences. This may come as a surprise, but it may be an emotional rollercoaster, but this stage is needed for spiritual growth and to look inwardly—as you sift inwardly, outwardly you will glow.



When you are thirsty, and you finally can quench that thirst with water, how do you feel after that? That feeling that you have said to yourself is the reason why you need his stage. Do you have a yearning or a prompting to reach a new level? You need to go through a pruning stage where things you have realised in the Reflect stage have to come to a head and now you must come to an acceptance that in order to move forward, there are things you must let go, accept and take accountability.



Once you have travailed through both stages, the last stage is renewal. This is the stage where you are about to take off into the next season of your life; through what you ave discovered in the previous stages, you have now gained the keys to open the doors you need for your life to shoot forward.

This transformational process is offered through individual guidance and group retreats.

At the Unstoppable Life we know how critical it is to have a supportive community when it is not easy to confined in family and friends who do not understand what you are experiencing. That is why we offer weekly post on Facebook and Instagram with words to build you up. We believe your words are a light to you pathway and being able to use positive words to preprogramme you subconscious mind is key to your transformation.

Our personal growth is a journey and not a destination. That is why we offer blogs once a month to encourage you to continue to nurture your growth. On the first of the month, we offer inspirational stories or insights. On the 15th of the month, we provide exercises for you to continue your mind, body, spirit and soul healing journey. Once a quarter we bring a fresh perspective with our blogs so you can hear voices of others who are using the challenges to the live the Unstoppable VH life.

Finally, we seek to create a community through our Unstoppable Life Quarterly Newsletter. This gives our Tribe information around events, celebrations and additional resources.


What Clients Are Saying

"Verna is an expert in a natural and holistic approach to health and wellness and coaching people to live their best unstoppable lives. I have been very fortunate to experience Verna's unique approach first hand both through 1-1's and team events and am always inspired and empowered from her sessions. I highly recommend connecting with Verna to learn and live the innate power we can all unlock inside ourselves with Verna's guiding principles for ultimate health and wellbeing. "
Sarah Mills
Founder of: The Art of Winning
"I have had the opportunity to do 2 sessions with Verna. Verna has a truly unique approach and a great understanding of what really matters in life. I found the sessions with Verna very helpful especially as I have had some recent challenges to overcome. I gained some more clarity on what to focus and am very grateful for the time Verna gifted to me. If you are looking for someone with a holistic approach to bring clarity to your life - Verna is the one! Thanks again, Verna!"
Catrin Zenner
Founder & Virtual Assistant