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Course Content

MODULE 1: Importance of reflection for empowerment.

  • Reflect & Repair? What is broken? | Module 01 | Unstoppable Resilience Course

MODULE 1: Definition and practice of reflection.

MODULE 1: Implementing affirmations to combat negative self-talk.

MODULE 1: Suggested reading for personal development.

MODULE 1: Visualisation exercise for self-awareness and positivity.

MODULE 2: Reflection | Building Resilience

MODULE 2: Significance of resilience for mental health.

MODULE 2: Understanding resilience as bouncing back

MODULE 2: Developing inner strength and self-compassion

MODULE 2: Using affirmations and visualisation for resilience

MODULE 2: Bonus activity: Creating a vision board for goal-setting

Reflection meditation freebie

Disclaimer Reflect – Reclaiming Resilience