Verna Haywood

The First Health & Wellness Coach

Wholistic life, health & wellness coach

Empowering women & men
through unstoppable resilience.

Hello, Amazing Souls!

I am a woman of unwavering faith and resilience, dedicated to empowering women to transform their mindsets, build unshakeable resilience, and confidently embrace their power, unlocking their full potential. This is my bold promise to you.

How I Empower You


Consulting & Coaching

Unleash your potential! With my coaching and consulting, tackle life’s challenges head-on with positivity and strategic insight. Whether you need business or personal growth guidance, I’m here to empower your journey to success.


Healing Hands Massage Therapy

Revitalize your body and mind! With 30 years of expertise, my Healing Hands Massage Therapy offers deep relaxation and rejuvenation. Experience the transformative power of touch tailored to your unique needs.


Empowered Survivor

Be inspired by resilience! As a cancer and abuse survivor, I’ve turned my struggles into strength. My story is a testament to finding courage and overcoming adversity. Let’s conquer challenges together and emerge stronger.


Wholistic Wellness

Embrace a healthier, happier you! Through my Live Well – Wellness program, discover the secrets to a balanced and holistic lifestyle. Achieve harmony in body, mind, and spirit with practical, everyday wellness tips.

Together, we’ll explore and disprove the internal stories holding you back. 

Treatment for the body, mind, spirit and emotions, holistic therapy simply refers to treating the whole person rather than individual symptoms.

Massage therapies have been used for centuries to revitalise the mind, body and spirit. 


Reviews From Our Clients

"Verna is an expert in a natural and holistic approach to health and wellness and coaching people to live their best unstoppable lives.........
Sarah Mills
Founder of: The Art of Winning
"I have had the opportunity to do 2 sessions with Verna. Verna has a truly unique approach and a great understanding of what really matters in life. ......"
Catrin Zenner
Founder & Virtual Assistant
"The coaching experience I had with Verna was one of a kind. Verna was very professional through out our session. She was very attentive and asked very thought-provoking questions. ....."
Ananira Herry
Maxwell Leadership Team DISC Behavioural Consultant
"Verna and I first met last year in an online business group. Her presence and energy meant that she really stood out from the crowd as a genuinely lovely woman. ....."
Gower Preston
Design & Branding Consultant

Building a Coaching Relationship

Coaching is a conversational exchange where we’re in it together, accessing your wisdom and insights to understand better what makes sense for you. First, we’ll get a lay of the land – talking about you, your desires and goals, and your concerns and challenges We’ll build a solid collaborative partnership, unlike no other relationship you’ve experienced.




Let's Talk About Yourself!

Share your interests, passions, and goals. I’m here to listen and engage in meaningful conversation

Discover Your Personal life and the Confidence with me

Based in UK, Verna Haywood Is the founder of the Unstoppable Life. Certified Health, healing and wholistic wellness coach and course creator, empowering men and women through unstoppable resilience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, I will be the person teaching the program

Yes, there are follow-ups we can discuss what form it will take.

We all face challenges I wanted to use what I learnt along the way of my breakthroughs to help order avoid some of the pit falls should they choose to apply the principles. Only they have the ability to make the change from the inside.

Wholistic is working with the whole person. It involves looking at every aspect of the person’s life.

Yes, I am. I have always been an aspirational person

There are a few things you need to know:

Healing is Easy.
You can heal permanently from trauma.
It doesn’t take years of therapy to heal from a painful past.
Are you ready to release the chains of doubt and fear, and step boldly into your greatness?

We’re on a mission to ignite the spark of resilience within you, guiding both women and men toward a life of unstoppable wellness and fulfillment.

Discover Your Personal Life and Confidence with Unstoppable Resilience: A Journey of Transformation

Embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment with Verna Haywood, based in the UK. As a certified Health and Wholistic Coach, I am here to help you unlock your true potential and embrace a healthier, happier, and more fulfilled life.

Ever wondered if life could get any better?

Imagine turning every challenge into an opportunity for growth and joy.

What if you could face life’s hurdles with a smile and come out stronger on the other side?

“Unstoppable Resilience: Three Powerful Practices to Take Your Power Back” is your guide to doing just that. In this eBook, I share transformative practices and real-life experiences that have shaped me into the resilient, empowered woman I am today. These insights are here to help you reclaim your power and thrive.