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Verna Haywood is an Inspirational Speaker and Wholistic Wellness coach. She endured hardship growing up with being molested and sexually abused way into her teenage years. Verna fled her abusive marriage with £100 and a suitcase to the United Kingdom.

Combining her health and wellness experiences and what she learned as a child, Verna uses the nine leading lights of health and wellness to Reflect, Revitalise and Renew men and omen to enable them to live a life of wholeness. Verna has a BSc degree in International Spa Management and uses methods to combine a wholistic approach to re-establish harmony between body, mind and soul. It draws on the principles she learnt using seasonal produce to feed, sustain and medicate to ensure a healthy, balanced life.

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Helping others has always been Verna’s passion. She uses her life experiences and finds fulfilment in coaching and mentoring others. Verna has discovered there is a reason for every season that you encounter in your life. The season of her life where she encountered abuse has now led her to experience her season of healing. There is a time and a season for ever y part of your life which Verna has incorporated her programme. Within Verna’s gu nce and coaching, she holds space by listening attentively and allowing individuals to discover their true identity through powerful questioning. Healing comes from within and with being able to tap into your Super-Consciousness; the answers you need will be found.

Verna Haywood

She is the founder of The Unstoppable Life with Verna Haywood and Host of The Unstoppable Life Podcast. Verna is happily married and living in the United Kingdom, in the heart the Jurassic World Heritage Site, in Dorset with her husband. Verna is also the creator the Course: Unstoppable Resilience, a 3-step course specifically targeted to heal from the inside out.

What People Say

"Verna and I first met last year in an online business group. Her presence and energy meant that she really stood out from the crowd as a genuinely lovely woman. She radiated warmth and caring so I asked to exchange details and we subsequently chatted and arranged a session to discuss my situation. For the past 2 1/2 years I have been battling with the aftereffects of treatment and surgery for bowel cancer. No longer supported by my ex-partner, I chose to end our relationship and focus on restoring some normality to my health. At the time I met Verna, I was feeling lost, very much alone and in the grips of clinical depression. I was really struggling to see a way forward with my mental and physical wellbeing. Our sessions were all conducted online. I was anxious that this would affect the nature of the work, but my mind was put to rest as soon as we began. Verna has an extraordinarily calm and caring way about her. She listened to my story intently from everything that had been going on in my life over the ‘Cancer Years’ and further back into my childhood and was able to provide me a sense of calm and humanity that I really needed. Verna talked of ‘holding the space’ for me and she truly did that. Her insight, wisdom, direction, and sense of love were invaluable to me at the time, and she gave me some tools to use on a daily basis and a momentum I had not felt in a long time. Above all, Verna showed me that she actually cared and continues to do so. I wasn’t just another ‘case/patient/client’…something which I had felt with many professionals in the field over the years. She conducted our sessions with a great deal of attention and focus and would follow up regularly to ask how I was doing, as would a dear friend. All in all, I think the best way of describing my experience of working with Verna was that, more than anyone else during my recent journey, Verna made me feel truly ‘heard’, genuinely cared for and completely ‘held’. I will always be very grateful to her for that."
Gower Preston
Design & Branding Consultant

Podcast Recommendation

” I loved how Verna was so calm and genuine to interview her guests. She has the potential to be a great Anchor, her podcast shares different stories that are priceless to listen to. I learnt that life has its challenges, and you have everything within you to save yourself from the difficulties. If I describe it in one phrase, “OBSTACLE is the way”, this is the nuggets I have got from Verna’s podcast… The Philosophy of Life! I rate five incredible stars for her podcast. The Unstoppable Life by Verna Haywood is one of the few podcasts I love. I highly recommend it! “

Perlie J Damo
Podcast Manager