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The Seasons of Life.

There is a time and season for every part of your life let your leading light shine.

Seasons Of Life

We will all encounter seasons in our life how we handle those seasons will determine the transition of the many changes to come. In some cases, we may face the force of the four seasons, Winter, Spring, Summer, and Autumn or in other cases, we may only face two seasons, the Wet and Dry seasons. Each of these seasons brings with them change, for change is the only constant thing in life. To become whom, we were destined to be before we were formed in our mother’s womb, we must embrace and dance with the seasons of life. How anyone could think we can separate the natural from the spiritual is unbelievable. Life comes at us in all directions and ways, happy and sad, good, and bad embrace them and dance with them.

I have learned to lean into my seasons of life because they are moulding and shaping me into the woman I am. My father Jehovah God, the universe or higher power has created us to have a victorious and harmonious life – the choice is ours “Choose” to not be distracted by the seasons of life they are doing just what they were designed to do and that is to encourage us to create the life we want it is called transformation. You see, we were all destined before the foundations of the world, and as such seasons are part of our DNA. Think of a caterpillar it goes through five cycles before it becomes a butterfly. We can choose to play or not to play! The caterpillar made a choice to play the game of life.

I choose to embrace and dance with the seasons of life and so can you, stressing, worrying being overwhelmed and having anxiety about the challenges we face would not create the victorious harmonious life we were designed to live. Trust your institution it will guide you in the right direction.

A Time for Everything

As I write The Seasons of Life. There is a saying in scripture “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven” Ecclesiastic 3:1. This is the premise on which I build and live my life. In tropical countries you have a Wet and Dry season, in colder climates there are four seasons Autumn, Spring, Summer and Winter. As we reflect on the seasons, I am sure that we can all look back over our lives and see many of those seasons we have experienced in our life journey. The seasons I am speaking about are the challenges we face. I can tell you I have faced many challenges some I am not sure how I survived and able to rise above them and thrived. I say I am not sure how I came through those seasons but coming to think about it from youthful age, I talked positively to myself daily which is known as Self-talk. People would say are you going mad that is their language therefore as soon as it was spoken, I rejected it, I did not allow them to programme my subconscious mind with their negativity.

I am sure when looking through our eyes; we can often think life is not fair and ask ourselves the question? “How come nothing ever goes my way”? I know that is an obvious question to ask, and we are doing so because we are looking at someone’s season. It is at this point we must remember that we are not alone. There is a higher power at work within us for me it is God for you it may be the universe whichever it is, summon up the prayer with you and ask for guidance. I know it sounds crazy in case you are wondering what prayer is – prayer is talking to God or to the universe as though you are speaking to a friend. A friend who truly has your back not one who would smile with you then criticise you with someone else behind your back.

There is a time and place for everything in the season of life.

Season Changes

With every season comes changes. I hear people say all the time “they do not like change” without change there can be no growth. We need transformation in our lives not only that our body requires different nutrients for health and wellness. Our mind needs to be renewed; we also need to build physical, emotional, social, mental, spiritual, financial, environmental, occupational and rest which are the nine-leading light to wellness they are the changing of the seasons we can build the necessary resilience to keep our body, mind, spirit, and soul functioning at optimal health.

Each season gives us different foods. As one season ends another begins bringing with it all that is needed, that is why weather changes it to go through, there is nothing under heaven which does not go through changes. Take for example a farmer do not plant out of season, fishermen do not go fishing for certain fish out of season. As I mentioned before there is a time and season for everything said at the beginning is not how we handle the changes, but it is how we transition through them.

Not all parts of the world experience the four seasons. As a child growing up in the Caribbean. Living in the tropics, we have two seasons the Wet and the Dry season. I loved singing and dancing in the rain but hated the mud between my toes. Now that I live in the UK, I experience the four seasons Winter, Spring, Summer, and Autumn. Spring is my favourite. You ask why I love to see dry bones come alive! Depending, on the weather, you could experience all four in one day. I remember one day we were in Huddersfield, and we experienced hale, rain, sunshine, and snow. They all came unexpectedly, this can happen in life, and you are left wondering what just happened. A wonder makes you wonder miracles never cease to amaze me. This is what can happen when suddenly it feels like you are going from one challenge to another. Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning. Regardless of the season we are in God’s love never ceases we can sing praises, and if we cannot sing, we can dance. Oh Yeah, I hear you say, is it that easy off-course NO! it is not, but it will give you a new perspective on life. There is a time for everything for me this is where I shift my focus from negative to positive and embrace and dance with the seasons of life. 

Using my lived learned experience

My lived learned experiences have been and continue to be my greatest teachers. They have taught me to embrace every season with its challenges. It is the only way I can be of help to someone going through but not stopping or weighing themselves down with a heavy cloak that stops them from reaching their designed destination.

The truth is me facing, up-to the seasons of life, and its many challenges give me the ability to empathise, love, embrace, dance, and teach others to love, embrace, dance, care, and forgive themselves so that they too can embrace their seasons of life with gratitude and fortitude. I have been in the valley and, work my way to the mountain top, in the valley although you may see some breakthroughs you are stuck on all four sides and can feel yourself finding it difficult to breathe. However, on the mountain top freedom beckons arm stretch wide, head up to the sky the wind blowing through your hair the sun is on your face and you can feel the gentle breeze and breathe in the fresh clean air of relief. This what I bring to you with my wholistic coaching approach helping you reprogrammed your subconscious mind.

Firstly, I want to get to know you, what matters to you in life, where do you see yourself and why is reaching your mountain top is so important to you embracing your seasons of life. Secondly, change happens; we cannot stop change. Each day is not the same, when you woke up this morning, you are not the same age you were yesterday and tomorrow you would not be the same change would have taken place.

The farmer is a Sower of seed. He/she plants the seeds with the expectation of a good harvest however he/she may face many challenges based on the weather and seasons. I want us to become partners. Doing so make the work easier in helping you navigate your season life. The seasons of life will change. Always remember weeping may endure for a night joy comes in the morning.

Have faith in yourself, trust in yourself and capability, believe you are getting stronger each day. Ask for wisdom, knowledge and understanding for with these you have the power to embrace the seasons of life and climb out of the valley to your mountain top to have the life you want and was destined to live.

Verna Haywood: Certified Health, healing and wholistic wellness coach and course creator, empowering men and women through unstoppable resilience.


Miracles happen however it is not something I can promise, nevertheless I can give you a monthly review of what I have been doing to keep mind, body and soul in a healthy place for growth.

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