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Indian Head Massage Bournemouth

Relax and relieve tension headaches, neck stiffness, and stress-related symptoms with Indian Head Massage.

Enjoy a soothing Indian Head Massage in Bournemouth

Step into a tranquil oasis and let your journey to ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation begin with me, Verna Haywood. With over 30 years of dedicated experience in the healing arts, I have mastered the ancient and profound practice of Indian Head Massage, crafting an experience that is both deeply soothing and wonderfully revitalizing.

Indian Head Massage is a wonderful Ayurvedic ritual that stimulates the scalp and improves overall health. This deeply relaxing treatment uses invigorating movements to relax the head, neck, and shoulders. Not only does it stimulate the scalp and boost hair growth, but it also enhances both mental and physical health.

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A unique Eastern approach to
health & wellness

Take a seat in a specially designed chair and relax. I have amazing therapists who will skillfully massage your back, neck, and shoulders. You can choose from a variety of relaxing massage options to suit your body and mind. Verna Haywood places a high priority on taking care of your body.

Feel Restored, Rebalanced & Nurtured

Experience the ultimate relaxation with our Indian Head Massage in Bournemouth. As you step into our serene space, the soothing aroma of essential oils welcomes you, setting the stage for a deeply restorative journey.

Discover the Powerful Benefits of
Indian Head Massage

Relieves Stress and Tension

Enhances Sleep Quality

Stimulates Lymphatic Drainage

Alleviates Headaches and Migraines

Experience the serenity of an Indian Head Massage

Take a moment to relax and unwind with an Indian Head Massage in Bournemouth. This treatment promotes relaxation, mental clarity, and physical and emotional well-being. My holistic therapy can benefit you whether you suffer from muscular pain or simply want to de-stress and feel better.

I welcome you to my calming treatment room to experience the bliss of an Indian Head Massage. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

After treatment, drink plenty of water, do not drink alcohol, and rest. It will be possible for you to expel waste products.

  • Stress relief.
  • Sleep and mood improved.
  • Promotes physical and emotional well-being.
  • Hair and skin improvement.
  • Improved circulation and energy.
  • Muscle pain relief.

In general, most benefits begin with weekly sessions, depending on the patient’s goals. Regular maintenance sessions are also beneficial to many clients.

Throughout your treatment, you will feel relaxed and comfortable. While getting an Indian head massage, you can stay fully clothed or remove your top if you wish.