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Wholistic life, health and wellness coach

empowering women & men through unstoppable resilience.

Our aim is to guide women and men to find their light to freedom by releasing limiting beliefts, reprogramme their mind and claim their Unstoppable Victorious Harmonious Life.

Welcome To The Unstoppable VH Life

Discover Your Personal life and the Confidence with me

Based in UK, Verna Haywood Is the founder of the Unstoppable VH Life. Certified Health, healing and wholistic wellness coach and course creator, empowering men and women through unstoppable resilience.

Services for All Age People

I Love to Help People Feel Great about How They Live.

Individual Coaching

Together, we’ll explore and disprove the internal stories holding you back. Once the narratives are established and set aside, you’ll experience a simic shift in how you approach life, experiencing a world view that is hopeful, exciting, and filled with possibilities.professional life.

Transformational Coaching

These 3 vital stages will guide you into the next season of your life. We guide people to look at their core beliefs and the voices they are listening too. The three stages is a guide to your true transformation it is essential you go through each stage.

Wholistic Therapy

Treatment for the body, mind, spirit and emotions, holistic therapy simply refers to treating the whole person rather than individual symptoms. Also widely known as CAM-complementary and alternative medicine - holistic practices look to help people regain physical and energy balances within the body.


Three powerful practices to stand in your power: REFLECT, REVITALISE & RENEW. These three practices will be broken down further to give you more clarity on the importance of each.

The course is available online which you can do at your own pace or if you prefer it can be taught by Verna personally on a 1:1

Upon Completion Of This Program, You’ll Walk Away With:

My Happy Clients!


For those of you out there who have not experienced the true power of transformational deep-thinking with Verna you are in for a treat. I went to consult with Verna as I had something within me which I could not quite get out of myself and articulate; she made me literally sit still for 30 minutes asking me some simple questions as we went along. What happened was truly quite extraordinary. By asking me some probably expertly probatory questions and most importantly making me sit still and do nothing other than let the answer come up from within me, I was able to articulate and voice maybe for the first time ever what I really wanted to do and what I wanted to achieve with my life. Not what the noise from outside told me but what my inner self was telling me. I have often heard people talk about this and say: “listen to your inner voice, if you are still enough the answer will come” but, like all of you out there, I was never able to still my body for long enough and really focus on absolutely nothing, therefore creating the needed space for the ideas to pop up. I was surprised, they really do pop up just like that. The trick to this, and this is why Verna is excellent at this, is to be taught how to not only sit still but to actually be still. That is when you create the real calm and quiet needed for your inner voice to articulate. The process is relatively simple, so much so that I was left feeling why on earth couldn’t I have just done this myself. But sometimes, we cannot do this on our own and we need specialist guidance and help to find those answers. So, to those of you who are doubters out there; just try it and see what happens. It gave me clarity of purpose, a real vision of what my future could hold if only I were to get out of my own way and a firm pathway to follow. Magical. I am delighted to endorse Verna, she is an exceedingly special lady with a truly extraordinary gift.
Eleri Cosslett

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, I will be the person teaching the program

Yes, there are follow-ups we can discuss what form it will take.

We all face challenges I wanted to use what I learnt along the way of my breakthroughs to help order avoid some of the pit falls should they choose to apply the principles. Only they have the ability to make the change from the inside.

Wholistic is working with the whole person. It involves looking at every aspect of the person’s life.

Yes, I am. I have always been an aspirational person

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I Can Help You Take Your next Step Regardless of Size.

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